About Packaging Specialties

Packaging Specialties, Inc. is a multi-generational family owned and operated, full-service business headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Retailer, Harry Tanzer, and packaging guy, Sid Blutman, established the international custom packaging company in 1950. The brothers-in-law combined creative forces following their return home to the Garden State after their U.S. military service during World War II. Prior to their partnership, Harry worked as a window trimmer for a chain of clothing stores; Sid at relative's box business. 

Both young entrepreneurs witnessed a number of challenges that the packing and the retail industries regularly faced separately. What they realized, however, was that together they could resolve such issues more swiftly and better than any of their competitors. Furthermore, with the economy enjoying some upswing, department stores and independent retailers were anxiously looking to amplify the purchasing experience and services for their customers. Harry and Sid embraced this opportunity by offering promptly delivered custom packaging in an always friendly manner. 

Six decades (and counting) later, the Packing Specialties partnership thrives in the name of three generations of family, hard work, and unbridled passion. After Harry died in 1974, his son Bill Tanzer partnered with their Uncle Sid. In 1999 after Sid’s passing, Packaging Specialties came under the gregarious solo leadership of the epically legendary Bill. Today, Bill runs Packaging Specialties alongside his own sons, Jason and Ross. The two-generation trio oversees the company’s operations from their New Jersey flagship location. They deliver to large and small businesses around the world.

(Next up may be a whole new generation of Tanzers tackling the custom packaging business. The Tanzer daughters also know a thing or two about gift bags and boxes!)