4 Springtime Holidays That’ll Require Some Gift-Giving

The spring months are synonymous with many great things, and it’s true that springtime holidays are what some individuals like best about spring. There are many great springtime holidays, with Easter, May Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Mother’s Day being some of the most popular. To show appreciation to loved ones on these special days, you should give gifts, trinkets, and memorabilia.

And to make these displays of affection extra special, you can use specialty gift boxes and other first-rate packaging materials. High-quality packaging supplies make springtime holidays great, especially when there’s a theme involved. Here are four springtime holidays you can look forward to this year!

  1. Easter (April 12th)

Easter basket

The Easter holiday is special for Christians throughout the world, and these days Easter is also a very popular secular holiday. On secular Easter, baskets called Easter baskets are filled with eggs, candies, and other goodies and given to children. Chocolates, stuffed animals, and small gifts can also be given on easter, with high-quality gift packaging supplies, of course.

  1. May Day (May 1st)


One popular gift-giving holiday is May Day. Celebrated around the world to indicate the beginning of spring and warm weather, this holiday is not only associated with blooming flowers and cheerful gatherings but also with handing out memorable gifts to family and friends. May Day celebrations include a lot of dancing, food, and bonfires, and in European countries May Day is specifically popular. Wreaths (fake or real) and picnic items are also seen commonly on this holiday.

  1. Cinco De Mayo (May 5th)

Cinco De Mayo celebration

Cinco De Mayo is a holiday with Mexican origins that is now celebrated throughout the world. Celebrations, gift-giving, and family togetherness are very important aspects of this holiday. Celebrating the independence of Mexico from Spain is what this holiday is all about! Many celebrate this holiday with themed decorations, party supplies, celebratory margarita glasses, and specialty gift boxes and gift bags. If you’re planning to give a loved one a gift on Cinco De Mayo, you must not forget about using high-quality product packaging supplies.

  1. Mother’s Day (May 10)


Mother's Day is celebrated throughout the world, and this is a holiday few miss. The holiday is commonly associated with gift-giving and celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Sons and daughters typically give specialty gift boxes, gift cards with premium gift card packaging, flowers, candy, and/or perfumes to moms and grandmothers on this holiday. Consider the springtime when giving a gift to mom—it’ll make the gift extra special!

Packaging Specialties Can Help

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