3 Important Facts About Gift Card Packaging

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be wondering what to get those friends and family you couldn’t live without. Picking out thoughtful gifts may be nice, but it’s often quite time-consuming. You may spend hours trying to find the right gift only to have it be poorly received, and such is the kind of disheartening experience you don’t want around the holidays.

It’s with this in mind that many people purchase gift cards, along with high-quality gift card packaging, as holiday presents. A gift card provides flexibility and freedom to the recipient, completely negating the possibility of disappointment.

But if you don’t package your gift card effectively, your whole attempt at giving a thoughtful gift could be in vein. Read through the points below to further understand why gift card packaging must be considered this holiday season.

  • Gift Card Packaging Can Add Elegance
  • If you want to make lasting impressions this holiday season, consider using tulip-style certificate folders. These elegant options traditionally come in white gloss, though they can be customized to meet a desired color scheme.

    Opening these folders is special as well, for they unfold to reveal a predesigned insert, one that utilizes a scroll pattern as well as two notches for holding the gift card in place.

    And this kind of elegant presentation doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when you shop online for premium gift card packaging.

  • Gift Card Packaging Offers Protection
  • While it’s true gift cards are valued by virtually all who receive them, there are a few things regarding presentation that could interfere with a gift card’s positive reception. If you’re giving a paper gift certificate, for example, you need to ensure it stays clear of liquids that could damage it, water and coffee being two of the likeliest culprits.

    Savvy gift-givers use premium packaging supplies for the same reason that high-end retailers use premium plastic garment bags: these items ensure what they’re holding stays intact, fresh, and easily accessible.

  • Gift Card Packaging Goes Great with Luxury Gifts
  • If you’re giving a luxury gift like a piece of designer wear or an expensive appliance, it’s a good idea to give a gift card as well, just so you can show some extra appreciation.

    Consider using premium wrapping paper, string, and a vibrant ribbon, along with high-quality gift card packaging, if you want to make a lasting and positive impression. You can even give the gift card addition a bow of its own to increase the present’s overall visual appeal.

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