3 Popular Design Ideas for Specialty Gift Boxes

The art of gift-giving has been taken to a whole new level in the modern age. Gift packaging, which was once overlooked as superfluous, is now taken quite seriously, in that designs of gift packaging matter a lot to gift recipients and gift-givers alike. Sometimes, a gift box and what it's wrapped in are more important than the present inside.

Expert gift-givers use premium gift packaging supplies because they know these essentials can trigger positive emotional responses and create lasting memories. There’s gift packaging that simply hides a present and then there's packaging that instantly puts smiles on recipients’ faces.

If you want to know which gift packaging trends are popular right now, the following sections are worth consulting.

Birthday Cake Design

The birthday cake design is a popular and creative design. Obviously this design is ideal for birthday parties, but individuals of all ages are sure to love receiving this kind of packaging.

To create the birthday cake design, you first need a base color; this represents the inner part of the cake. Then you'll need a secondary color which represents frosting; most people choose white. The cake design is then finished by adding small pieces of colorful paper to represent sprinkles. If you want to get real creative with cake-designed specialty gift boxes, you can add paper candles and even include tissue paper yellow flames.

an image of a birthday cake

Cookie Monster Design

The Cookie Monster design is one that children particularly love, and it can be created easily provided you have the right gift packaging supplies. This design is also ideal if you're giving away food products, especially baked goods like, no surprise, cookies. Cookie Monster is a famous character from the Sesame Street television show, and therefore his likeness is instantly recognizable by most people living today. Attach the gift recipient’s favorite gift card to this present for an added bonus. Remember to use high-quality gift card packaging so it fits in with your uniquely designed gift box.

Piano Design

The piano box is a classy, black-and-white take on the traditional grand piano, and these specialty gift boxes are perfect for musicians. This design is best when you use rich black and pearly white to replicate the ebony and ivory. This is another design that will gain instant appreciation if it’s done well, and such is why you must use premium gift packaging supplies if you hope to replicate the traditional grand piano effectively. This is a perfect option if you're giving somebody a music-based gift, like speakers or a soundboard.

an image of a grand piano

Where to Get Premium Packaging Online

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