What Are Retailers Using to Make Lasting Impressions

Pleasant experiences are what keep customers coming back for more—it’s not just the products/services you’re offering. This principle is one many retailers have taken to heart, and now retailers are constantly trying to find ways to boost their customer service. Forward-thinking retailers have realized that the future of positive shopping experiences is at checkout, where premium product packaging supplies can be used to show customers just how valuable their business really is.

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High-Quality Product Packaging Supplies

Customer appreciation is key nowadays, and such is why many sales-driven retailers are focusing oan image of a pink, premium shopping bagn the types of product packaging they’re using. Premium boxes for apparel and gifts, designer tissue paper, shopping bags from Europe, food service bags, jewelry boxes, custom merchandise bags—all of these are popular options that retailers are choosing to show customers they truly appreciate their business.

And for retailers pursuing giveaway campaigns, product packaging supplies are essential. Nothing ensures customer retention like a thoughtful and valuable gift, especially when this gift is presented using premium packaging supplies. And for new customer outreach, the same principle applies.

Premium Shopping Bags

Single-use plastic and cheap paper bags are becoming less common in retail stores, and replacing these are high-quality, frosted merchandise bags. Made of premium plastic, these are great for retailers who want to give out clear bags with handles to complement every purchase.

Custom merchandise bags are great for carrying books, cards, and stationary, and these premium bags are also made of eco-friendly materials.

Checkout Charity Collections

Even though department stores, clothing retailers, and big-box chains are experiencing closures and reduced sales across the industry, customers are still eager to donate to charitable causes when prompted to do so. The Miracle Balloon program, which is run by Sam’s Club and Walmart, raised $37 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, largely off the strength of checkout donations. Retailers that give back are always viewed favorably by the public.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media has transformed the way things are bought and sold around the world, and brick and mortar stores specifically have had to reconsider business models in order to account for all the changes being brought by social media.

Customers are on social media—the key is targeting the right audiences. If your customers are people who prefer high-end luxury items, the kinds of products that typically come with custom merchandise bags, then it’s key to market on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where the luxury of your products can be displayed through beautiful imagery.

Where to Get the Best Product Packaging Supplies

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